Redwood City Parking Games | Columnists

Greg Wilson

On Monday, Redwood City Council changed the rates and hours of operation for parts of the city’s downtown parking system. While occasional downtown parking users may not notice it, those of us who park downtown regularly will no doubt notice it. In some ways, parking in downtown Redwood City is getting a bit more expensive, but for those in the know and willing to play the game, cheap or even free parking is still up for grabs.

Redwood City downtown parking is based on supply and demand. Since the number of spaces is somewhat fixed, where demand is high — mainly downtown — the city charges more. This pushes cost-conscious users to the periphery, where parking rates are lower, ideally leaving a few spaces free in the most popular locations. In fact, sometimes most, if not all, of the most popular spaces are taken. However, if this continues to happen regularly, the city may increase rates in affected areas and restore balance to parking space usage.

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