SFCC Theater Arts to present ‘First Date’


The State Fair Community College Theater Arts Program will present the musical “First Date” at 7:30 pm April 22-24 and 2 pm April 25 at the Stauffacher Theater on the Sedalia campus.

Free entry. Parental discretion is advised; the performance is recommended for an audience of 16 years and over due to the explicit language and mature themes.

“First Date” is a modern musical that invites the audience to experience a blind date between two very different New Yorkers in their thirties. Aaron is a conservative, Jewish banker on a mission to find “the right one.” Casey is an artist “a little too funky for Wall Street”.

At first, the date seems like a disaster, but as the influences of family and friends are revealed through the couple’s imaginations and a waiter and restaurant patrons get involved, a glimmer of light. hope for something special begins to shine.

The play, first performed in 2012, is based on a book written by Austin Winsberg. Music and lyrics are by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner.

Free entry; however, donations will be accepted at the door. Seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis and limited to around 60 per show to allow for social distancing. Face covers are mandatory. For special accommodations, email Ryan Mahannah, Theater Arts Program Coordinator, at [email protected]


Aaron – Ben Brewer, Strafford

Casey – Annie Henson, smart

Reggie – Johnny Nguyen, Vietnam

Male # 1 (Waiter, Casey’s Christian Father, British Artist, Twitter) – Walker Schotte, Versailles

Woman # 1 (Lauren, Aaron’s Mom, Woman with Megaphone # 2, Snapchat) – Jenna Speer, Coffeyville, Kansas

Male # 2 (Blaze, Aaron’s future son, Instagram) – Aren Goodwin, Warrensburg

Woman # 2 (Allison, Woman with Megaphone # 1, Facebook) – Brianna Harlow, Warrensburg

Man # 3 (Gabe, YouTube, Stoner Guy) – Quincy Wilson, Oak Grove

Woman # 3 (Grandma Ida, glasses, friendly therapist) – Torrie Shelly, Warrensburg

Men’s lining – Denver Montgomery, Sedalia

Female Liner – Kennedy Keele, Warrensburg


Director – Ryan P. Mahannah, SFCC Theater Arts Program Coordinator

Musical Director – Jan Turely, Sedalia

Choreographer – Lauren Scarborough, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Technical Director – Tim Wells, SFCC Faculty

Stage Manager / Assistant Director – Sarah Hensel, Provençale, Louisiana

Assistant managers – Kennedy Keele, Sedalia; Denver Montgomery

Costume and Makeup Designer – Kennedy Keele

Sound Designer and Sound Card Operator – Allison Hayes, Macon

Stage design and lighting – Tim Wells

Owner – Kya Kampe, Warrensburg

Props Run Crew – Bailey Mitchell, Colombia

Light Panel Operator – Taylor Ireland, California, Missouri

Scenic and Run Crew – Bailey Mitchell, Kya Kampe, Kennedy Keele

Program and Poster Design – Cheryl Landers, SFCC Design Services Manager, Ryan Mahannah

House Manager – Kylie Gaunt, Nixa

Bailiffs – Faith Ehlers, Sedalia; Kya Kampé

In the photo: The State Fair Community College Theater Arts Program will present the modern musical “First Date” at 7:30 pm April 22-24 and 2 pm April 25 at the Stauffacher Theater. SFCC students Ben Brewer and Annie Henson rehearse a scene from the play.

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