Snooker-Pigeon disrupts World Championship action at Crucible

A pigeon caused a bizarre delay midway through Mark Selby’s second-round World Championship match against Yan Bingtao on Friday, delighting and amusing the players, officials and crowd at the Crucible in Sheffield. After five frames with Yan leading 3-2, the bird flew towards him before landing on the top cushion and wandering along the match table towards the middle pocket.

“There’s a pigeon, yes you heard right, a pigeon at the Crucible Theatre,” John Virgo said as he described the action on the BBC. “Absolutely extraordinary… It seemed for a moment that Yan Bingtao had had a towel thrown at him. “It was the arrival of an unwanted feathered friend. Absolutely amazing. We’ve seen some things at the Crucible before, but we’ve never seen this. How the hell are they going to get it out?”

The pigeon was led out of the arena by the players’ entrance and surprised Selby by nearly flying into the defending champion, who was returning to the theater at the time. “He left in the locker room,” Selby added. The bird then flew backstage, where it was grabbed by a member of staff.

“These pigeons would do anything for a free ticket. It’s unbelievable,” commented former world champion Ken Doherty. Selby, a four-time winner at Sheffield, shook off his poor form this season to fight back and level the opener with Yan at 4-4 with a decisive 83 break before the contest resumed on Saturday.

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