Spin-off Wordle games: Quordle, Heardle, Lewdle, Moviedle, Taylordle and more

However, the addictive word game now has a number of new spin-offs, including Quordle, which is even harder than its predecessor, and Crosswordle, which is dubbed a cross between Wordle and Sudoku.

But Wordle has inspired a variety of games – and not all of them are word puzzles. There’s Heardle, which challenges music fans to guess a song in seconds, and Worldle, which introduces players to the outlines of a country.

Wordle inspired games

  • Quordle
  • obscene
  • Dordle
  • World
  • Heardle
  • Moviedle
  • Harry Styles Heardle
  • Taylordle
  • Semantle
  • Fact
  • Crossword
  • Redact
  • Posterdle
  • Flag
  • Food


Quordle is a spin-off based on the concept of the original, and the same principles apply – each letter turns green if in the correct place or yellow if included in the word but not in the correct place, and gray if it is not at all included in the word.

However, there’s a twist – instead of guessing a five-letter word, players have to guess four words simultaneously. Players have nine tries to solve the four five-letter words, and each guess appears in all four fields.


As its name suggests, Lewdle is a word game similar to Wordle, except the correct answer will always be evil.

Lewdle is about clean but dirty fun, and above all, Lewdle won’t go into insults. The developers want the game to be dirty without being offensive to anyone. According to Lewdle’s content review, they say, “Lewdle is a game of rude words. If you’re likely to be offended by the use of profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity, go play Wordle instead!

Players have six attempts to guess a mysterious five-letter word. Like Wordle, they can only be played once per day.


Dordle was inspired by Wordle but was the precursor to Quordle. Its rules are the same as Wordle, but instead of one word, players must guess two words simultaneously.

It’s harder than Wordle, but not as difficult as Quordle.


Semantle challenges players to guess the word or short phrase of the day by guessing words that get closer and closer to the meaning of the correct word.

Unlike Wordle, the game is not about spelling, but semantics or the meaning of the word.

Wordle has inspired a number of spin-off games, from Flaggle to Foodle.

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Heardle is the song guessing game that challenges players to name the song after listening to just a second of its intro.

If the player gets it wrong or wants to ignore a guess, they can listen for another second (and up to six seconds and up to six guesses) until they succeed.

There is also a Harry Styles Heardle with the same rules as above, but the song will still be by Harry Styles.


World is the daily game for geography buffs. Each day, players are presented with an overview of a country or territory, and they will get six guesses as to the mysterious location.

With each guess, Worldle will tell players how close they are and which direction the correct country is from their guess.


Crossword is a cross between Wordle and Sudoku, where players are presented with the correct word and have to work backwards.

Players are challenged to place the correct letters in the correct and incorrect positions, to mimic a game of Wordle but played backwards.


Moviedle sees players watch a one-second version of a movie before guessing what it is. If they get stuck or guess wrong, they’ll watch a longer, slower version, and get six guesses to get it right.


Movie buffs will also enjoy Posterdlewhich shows players a pixelated image of a movie poster that gradually gets lighter over 20 seconds.

The object of the game is to guess the movie as quickly as possible, before the title is revealed.

The popular Wordle word game has inspired a number of variations, including Quordle.

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This one is for Taylor Swift fans. Taylordle is a Wordle spin-off, but all of the Words will be related to Taylor Swift.

The words will have between four and eight letters and are often linked to the lyrics of his songs.


Fact is perfect for trivia fans. Players will be presented with a question, of which there are five correct answers in a specific order, but more than 20 possible answers.

Factle players will not only have to guess the five correct answers, but also place them in the correct order.


Redact takes a random Wikipedia article and redacts all the important words. Players are challenged to guess the words that have been redacted in order to decipher the text to reveal the subject of the Wikipedia article.


Flag challenges players to guess the flag of a country or territory in as few tries as possible. Players will enter the name of any country and Flaggle will show them how similar the colors of that flag are to the correct answer.


Foodies will love Foodle – the guessing game with the same rules as Wordle, but the answer is still a food or food brand.

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