THE GAMES PEOPLE PLAY at the Ipswich Little Theater

The Little Theater of Ipswich The Games People Play: A Season in One Act is a night of laughter, wit, and plenty of murder.

Located at the beautiful Incinerator Theater in Ipswich, local Ipswich actors, directors and creators take the stage in this festival of one-act plays; Brain J Burton murder game and Debra Chalmers Golf, marriage and other murderous affairs. The first was directed by Ann Collyer and the second by Aaron Evans. I don’t want to spoil the plot of either of these shows, but there have been murders.

Let’s start with the first piece. Martie Blanchett has done a wonderful job of bringing the spirit and menace of her character Jane to the forefront of the series. We can also say that she wore it. She had an electricity in her that the other characters lacked. It wasn’t overdone…it was in character. The other two supporting actors Jack Barrett (Peter) and Kahli Williams (Robyn) each held their own in their roles even though they were upstaged by Blanchett. However, the playwright did not seem to justify each character’s existence as both characters were not essential to plot progression and could have been merged to achieve the same results. Director Collyer struggled to balance the humor and drama of the text; a balance that director Aaron Evans has perfectly found in his work.

On to the second piece…. Debra Chalmers’ text is so delicious and lovely. Each character is so flavorful and brings their own gravity to the plot. The actors portray these flawed characters so colorfully and in such detail. To me, the play felt like being in a comedy club where there happened to be a murder. The elements of comedy, farce and slap stick humor were so brilliant and executed with such perfection by the actors. Hats off to director Aaron Evans for finding humor and light in a “dark” work and bringing us an hour of laughter.

If you haven’t been to the Ipswich Little Theater yet, add it to your to-do list in 2022.

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