The Goonies gets an immersive play | The Independent

Fans of The Goonies may have been on a roller coaster of emotions when it comes to a sequel, but the good news is that an immersive play based on the 1985 family film is in the works and this time we looks like it’s actually going to happen.

Director Richard Donner has revealed that the “wonderful” new production will have audiences participating in “about a year from now”.

“We’re going to do an off-Broadway [play]he told Yahoo! Movies. “Do you know what immersion theater is? Where there are no seats the place is you walk into a warehouse and something is happening in that warehouse and this is the room you came to see only you are part of it and you travel with it actors. It’s very popular now.”

the original Goonies The film followed a gang of strangers from a neighborhood in Oregon called Goon Docks. When their homes are threatened with demolition, they find an old map and embark on a treasure hunt.

Donner sparked great excitement last year when he told a cameraman that the long-awaited sequel was finally heading to theaters with a script from Steven Spielberg, who co-wrote the first film. The actors had registered their interest in returning for a new storyline set 30 years later and it would follow Mikey, Brand and the rest of the kids in the band.

Although nothing more has come of this promise yet, Donner still says a strong “maybe” to The Goonies 2as long as the team can get it right.

“If you do things quickly and easily, it’s a disservice,” he said. “We have a lot of history that we are involved in and a lot of integrity that we have to keep to what once was, and live a life of our own without destroying it.

“Maybe the powers that be are working on something.”

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