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Entertaining for those who like to see music and dance in a drama,
Aaj Rung Hai, is a perfect choice. This Hindi play is written, conceptualized and directed by Rupanshi Kashyap and recently had its first commercial performance in Ahmedabad.

The all-female piece performed by students from a city dance institute commands attention with spectacular swirls, footwork and mudras that can be said to have been inspired by Lucknowi Kathak gharana. Mitali Dhruva’s abstract and symbolic art installations add to the grandeur that serves as a backdrop during the first 15 minutes when the artists perform the Kathak and later turn into props when Vedika Darji begins his narration of the master-disciple bond between the legendary Hazrat Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya and Hazrat Amir Khusrau.

A puzzle session acts as a precursor to the series anecdotes from Khusrau’s Childhood to Death which are brought to life by performers through mime and histrionics. Dressed in yellow, a color dear to Khusro’s heart, the actor-dancers are a delight to watch. However, there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of timing, action, and facial expressions.

While Aarna (in the role of mureed or seeker Khusrau) and Vaishnavi (pir or master Auliya) are able to portray the growing pious relationship between the duo, it is Vedika who hypnotizes you in his role of the falling launderer. in love with a queen without even meeting her. Her way of expressing her love is to wash her clothes carefully but fearing fate, her parents tell her that the queen is dead. Believing this to be true, the tormented launderer couldn’t live any longer. The Queen only learns of her feelings and her death when she notices the slight change in the quality of the linen and asks to visit her grave. According to beliefs, as soon as she touches the grave, she is emancipated from the world and this incident has an impact on the young spirit of Khusrau.

The dance drama portrays his unwavering faith and love for his pir and how the scholar is considered the father of Urdu literature and the
qawwalihis wrote his best and sweetest works in the few months he lived after the death of his master. Buried near the feet of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya in Delhi, their graves are visited by lakhs on the occasion of their death anniversary or

The props used in the room to represent their graves and the queen’s palanquin leave an impression. However, there is too much going on in some scenes simultaneously which is awkward. Maybe the lighting department can focus on the subject. Overall, the dance musical drama is a celebration of our rich history, culture and heritage.


Language – Hindi

Genre – Sufi dance drama

Director – Rupanshi Kashyap

Duration – 1 hour

Cast – Vaishnavi Vakil, Aarna Desai, Vedika Darji and 5 others

Rating – 3 stars

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