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Kozhikode: For EP Rajagopalan, author and executive member of the Kerala Sahithya Academy, the life of Vaidyaratnam PS Varier embodies the ideal doctor in an era of epidemic.
Rajagopalan’s new theater script is based on incidents in the life of Arya Vaidya Sala founder Kottakkal, the prestigious ayurveda in India, with particular emphasis on its activities during the spread of cholera in Malabar in 1918-20.
“I designed the coin long before the emergence of Covid-19 but now I think it takes on a broader meaning during the time of the pandemic,” the author said.
The play ‘Sthapakan’ (Founder) directed by EV Haridas was due to be presented in Kottakkal on May 16 but was postponed following confinement.
“Varier’s intervention during the cholera epidemic in Malabar was exemplary. He walked among the inhabitants of Eranad, distributing the medicine ‘Vishoochikari’ free of charge. His service at the time of the epidemic is recalled in the drama, ”Rajagopalan said.
Such efforts have helped Kottakkal emerge from the threat of cholera to a large extent. “Now the world realizes how important it is to have a people-centered rather than profit-driven medical system. Varier established a Dharmasupathri in Kottakkal where consultation, treatment, accommodation and food were provided free of charge, ”he said.
Rajagopal has stated that the benefits of Arya Vaidya Sala cannot be used for any purpose other than the propagation of Ayurveda and for study and research in the field. “The will that he executed guarantees it and that is how he rose above the motivation for profit,” he said. Rajagoplan said Varier was a pioneer in popularizing Ayurvedic medicine in bottles so that people could handle them easily. “He learned the practices of modern medicine and used the methodology in the making of Ayurvedic medicine. He tried to develop an integrated system, ”he said.
Dr P Madhava Varier, board member of Arya Vaidya Sala, said Varier was moving freely among the population at the time of the spread of cholera in Eranad. “He had a different point of view, which is not common now. Rajagopalan’s drama is a collection of incidents from his life, ”he added.

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