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Theaters are allowed to reopen, good news for audiences and performers. (Photo: VietnamPlus)

Hanoi (VNA) – The reopening of theaters has caused not only great joy for the public and artists, but also many concerns about economic and security issues.

The public, the artists feel impatient

As soon as theaters were allowed to reopen in Hanoi, Dang Ngan Ha eagerly followed the schedule of performances to buy suitable tickets. His mother is 70 and loves watching plays. After more than 9 months, she and her mother, a theater lover, were finally able to participate in their favorite activity.

During the temporary closure of theaters due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ha watched the plays online, but said nothing could replace the excitement she had for the live performances.

Theater Arts: Old Concerns in the “New Normal” hinh anh 2For the performing arts, the interaction between the audience and the performers is extremely important. (Photo: Vietnam Plus)

“Sitting among the audience, I can even hear the artist sigh as he expresses the character’s inner feelings. Thanks to this, I can experience the acting to the fullest. Enjoying the art in the theater is the best thing for artists and the public,” Ha said.

From insiders’ perspective, popular artist Le Ngoc said his troupe was very happy and excited. Its Le Ngoc theater is also one of the first units to have quickly organized shows to serve the public as soon as the policy was published.

“We have received a lot of messages from the public asking for our official schedule. They express their love for our plays and their desire to go to the theater to see them. It is an endless source of joy and encouragement for me personally and for our artists,” said Ngoc.

She revealed that in one week, all tickets for the five shows at her theater in Hanoi have already been sold out.

Nguyen Thi Thuy Hien, director of the People’s Public Security Theater, said the artists in the theater have always been ready to perform.

Other units have also carefully prepared for the day when their stage lights will be turned on. The Thang Long Water Puppet Theater plans to hold its traditional water puppet performances every Saturday night, while the Youth Theater is set to delight its audiences with a series of plays such as “Ong khong phai la bo toi” (He is not my father), “Nguoc chieu gio” (Go against the wind), “Cuoc dog virus” (Fight against viruses) and “Cai ao lang” (The village pond).

Vietnam Drama Theater will stage the unique comedy “Ngheu, So, Oc, Hen” from March 4 to 8 at No. 1 Trang Tien Street, downtown Hanoi.

Theater director Xuan Bac said that despite the complicated developments of the epidemic in recent years, theater performers have practiced in different ways and are always ready for the day when the stage lights up.

Concerns remain

Nguyen Tien Dung, director of Vietnam Water Puppet Theatre, said that in addition to excitement, theaters are also facing many worries about reopening.

Theater Arts: Old Concerns in the “New Normal” hinh anh 3A scene from a play by Le Ngoc Theater (Photo: VietnamPlus)

“Not only artists are worried about the epidemic situation, but the audience is also afraid of crowded places. Although they really want to go to the theater to enjoy the arts, they are worried about the risk of infection. Theaters must follow the 5K measures in order to create peace of mind among the audience,” Dung said.

He also says that people also have a lot of worries about the economy, the life, the studies of their children. Only when these thoughts are clarified can they think about enjoying the arts, Dung added.

“The art units have faced many challenges over the past two years. Now, if they want to perform again and keep the public safe, they must take preventative measures, such as providing hand sanitizer and masks, and performing rapid COVID-19 tests for spectators. Such costs become a burden on theaters,” said Tong Toan Thang, deputy director of the Vietnam Circus Federation./.

Cinemas and theaters in the capital have been closed since May last year, when the fourth wave of COVID-19[feminine] infections increased.

This year the Hanoi The People’s Committee approved a proposal by the municipal Department of Culture and Sports to allow cinemas and theaters to reopen from Feb. 10.


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