Trinity Theater Arts Department Presents “The Lightning Thief”

Open March 9 at the Auditorium de la Trinité

Sam Repp, ECHO Photo Editor, and Brandon King, ECHO Reporter

Have you ever wanted to see a production that rivals those on Broadway? Opening tonight, Trinity’s Theater Arts Department presents the regional debut of “The Lightning Thief.”

Musical ‘The Lighting Thief’ (book by Joe Tracz, music and lyrics by Rob Rokicki, adapted from Rick Riordan’s bestseller) has completed a Broadway run, started national touring production in the 2020 season -2021, and now in 2022 has arrived in Trinity for the regional premiere.

Musical comedy lead Carson Mehlbauer plays Percy Jackson. Early in the rehearsal process, Mehlbauer said of defining his character, “So we’re pretty early in the process. So far, my character work has worked with this source text, just the original book, “The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan. I had never read the book, but I knew a little about the subject of the series. We’ll have a rehearsal on Sunday, we can sit down (it’s called characterization), and then we’ll work with the whole cast on the characters. This is when a lot of the characters start to flesh out.

Producer/director, Mrs. Kate E. Reedy, said of the difference between the fall show (“Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”) and this musical: “Well, it depends on the So if you’re going to compare our fall show to our spring show, our fall show was very dark, and it was more of a horror story, more of a hallucination of what was going on. used minimal aspects of the set. It was more about creating the imagination of the space. As a member of the public when we enter the spring, it’s a little less using the imagination. Our concept for the scenography is a Greek temple being renovated. There are a lot of scaffolding pieces that move, but we still have the big Greek columns that will be there. We also have a lot of what are called Visqueen is a very heavy, thick, almost frosted plastic that retains dust.

As opening night approached, the stage crew remained busy. Senior stage manager Sammy Kushner said, “I’m very excited about the premiere of ‘The Lightning Thief’, really excited about it. Once we hit the public performances, I’ll be ready to move on.

Kushner said of his work, “I’m responsible for making sure that every actor as well as every technician is responsible for every rehearsal, as well as every public performance. I am also responsible for taking what are called blocking notes. Blocking refers to where an actor or sets should be located at any given time on the stage. Basically it’s a map I make for my future reference to know where an actor is in relation to other actors or other sets.

An experienced actor, Mehlbauer encouraged others to get involved in Trinity productions. He said, “First of all, if you want to get involved here at Trinity, do it. You can email Miss Reedy. This is [email protected] Always, always do it. It’s never too late to take the leap. »

Reedy added, “Make sure you see ‘The Lighting Thief’ on March 9. The musical will run over three weekends. We’ve added two performances this year, for a total of 12 performances, so hopefully everyone will have the chance to see it.

Performances are at 7 p.m. on March 9, 10, 16, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25 and 26 and at 2 p.m. on March 13, 20 and 27. Buy your tickets here!

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