Warehouse Theater celebrates 75 years of theatrical art in Yakima

Yakima’s Warehouse Theater Company celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Their mission statement says it all: ‘Engaging, enriching and encouraging our community through shared experiences in the theater arts since 1947‘.

The 2022/2023 season at the Warehouse Theater in Yakima

This amazing season has started and currently in production is the popular musical ‘Free from all ties‘. Footloose runs until July 30. Ticket availability and information can be found at warehousetheatrecompany.org.

the stranger is a hilarious comedy about a highly unorthodox and reluctant political candidate that will have audiences laughing all the way home. The show runs from September 16 to October 1.

The best Christmas show of all time: the musical will be a spectacular holiday offering, opening the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 25, and running through December 3. Produced in partnership with East Valley High School and presented at the NEW EVHS auditorium.

In February, the winter presentation of the WTC will delight fans of Shakespeare, The Book of the Will. The show runs from February 10 to 25.

Completing the 2022/2023 75th Anniversary season will be the intriguing The 39 steps. The race runs from May 5 to May 20.

Warehouse Theater Company of Yakima Online Ticket Purchase and Information

Get the information you need by visiting warehousetheatrecompany.org. Consider donating to this community treasure. Take part in directing, creating costumes, building sets and many other interesting activities.

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