WASD 2022: our top 5 games to try at the WASD gaming event in London, including Sega and Devolver titles

We’re heading to Tobacco Dock to feast on the new WASD gaming event and pick our top picks from the video game expo.

We traveled to East London to check out a brand new gaming event WASD, part of the London Gaming festival which is a celebration of video games and interactive entertainment which starts Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th April 2022 at Tobacco Dock .

It’s great to be back to a true non-virtual in-person event, especially given the cancellation of EGX in March and the recent cancellation of E3.

However, you can still get your gaming fix at Tobacco Dock, with developers showcasing many pre-release titles and meeting fans of their games, as well as attending discussions at the PCGamesN Theater from industry experts talking about topics like How to Get Into Games Journalism. , Video Game PR in the Post-Pandemic Era and How to Succeed on Steam.

For those who can’t attend but still want to watch the chats, they’re also being streamed on Twitch.

Devolver’s crazy mascots have also been seen causing havoc


James Ide/Reach PLC)

WASD is a brand new video game event that celebrates games and is a showcase for the latest games to come, giving you a chance to play unreleased titles as well as talk to developers and publishers in the industry.

The WASD showroom is full of unique and exciting playable games that you can have the chance to try out for yourself, some of which have not yet been released or have only recently been released.

Whether you want to play the latest games or want to get started in the gaming industry yourself, there are individual portfolio reviews as well as discussions and Q&A sessions with industry experts for you. help advise you, develop your skills and make industry connections.

So here is a short collection of 5 remarkable titles of playable games that you can try during the event. This is by no means a complete list, just a short selection of our favorites that you must see at WASD this week.

1 Cult of the Lamb

Published by bad boy industry Devolver digital and developed by Massive Monster, Cult of the Lamb puts you in the role of a cute lamb who is saved from death by a powerful evil entity, but at a cost.

This malevolent being possesses you and gives you incredible and unholy power in order to build a loyal following in his name.

Start your own cult and destroy the unbelievers


Massive Monster / Digital Devolver)

This Roguelike lets you explore a randomly generated world, battle hordes of enemies, and battle rival cults to absorb their power and rise through the ranks.

Part dungeon crawler, but you must also recruit a loyal community of woodland worshipers and gather supplies to further expand your influence, build new structures, and perform dark rituals. The cute, bright and cartoony world clashes perfectly with the disturbing themes.

Cult of the Lamb is due out this year.

2 Two-Point Campuses
If you haven’t had your fill of Cheesy Gubbins, the follow-up to Two Point Hospital is here and follows a very similar plan to its previous titles and its predecessor Theme Hospital. Two Point Campus is a chaotic business simulation mixed with a dollop of wacky humor this time in higher education.

Create and manage the university of your dreams in the hilarious business management simulation



The goal is to create a university and manage the lives of your students. You must create the best environment for students, providing them with the best housing, education and environment. This will allow them to earn XP and learn more efficiently and hopefully graduate successfully from your prestigious institution while you collect their money.

Recently, it was announced that Two Point Campus will be delayed and release on August 9th instead of the original May 17th release date to allow the developers to “deliver the best possible game that can be enjoyed equally across all platforms”.

3 Trek to Yomi
A beautiful homage to Japanese samurai cinema, this is a stylized, side-scrolling samurai epic.

With a unique and distinctive look, each area is seen as a scene from a classic movie, with its film grain, monochromatic look, emphasis on cinematography, and fixed camera perspective with minimal user interface.

In the game, you play as a Hiroki, a young man who trains to become a samurai when his master is murdered by bandits, leading the protagonist on a bloody quest for revenge through hordes of bandits plundering the land. .

The combat is slow and methodical and very difficult, as you have to pay attention to your enemy’s movements and when to parry or dodge, as well as using a combination of blocks, rolls and light or heavy attacks, but remember that timing is key.

Wield your katana like a master and show your enemies no mercy


Leonard Menchiari, Flying Wild Hog, Devolver Digital)

Trek to Yomi was released on May 5.

4 Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly
Coffee Talk is a low-fi visual novel game developed by Toge Productions. set in a fantasy world of vampires, werewolves, and other fantastical creatures that all live and co-exist in a contemporary city. You play as a barista, making coffees for customers as they share their stories with you.

These characters share their personal stories with you and build relationships with the player. 16-bit aesthetics and low-fi chill music create a retro, cozy game that’s comforting and a breath of fresh air.

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly is set to release this year.

Coffee Talk is a charming visual novel


Toge Productions)

5 Isonzo

A World War I first-person shooter set in the lesser-known conflicts in the mountains of the Italian front. Isonzo is an impressive sequel to previous 1914-1918 WWI titles Verdun & Tannenberg.

Game developer Blackmill has done a fantastic job creating a different yet compelling WWI shooter. You can choose your class and loadout to suit your playstyle, such as playing a sniper to shoot down your enemies.

Inspired by the historic two-year struggle for control of the Isonzo River Valley and the Alps during World War I, between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Isonzo takes you through these stunning mountains and murderers.

Isonzo’s setting is gorgeous and deadly


M2H, Blackmill Games)

The setting is much more open than the trench warfare of Verdun, forcing you to think differently and try to use the natural environment to defend yourself and be more aware of enemy verticality. The level of detail and authenticity is fantastic, and history buffs will also appreciate how close the developers are to the time period.

Isonzo is due out in early 2022.

There are plenty of other great titles from developers as well, including Devolver Digital and their extensive roster of featured games, as well as Team 17’s extensive lineup of games for the event.

There’s something for all types of gamers, from casual gamers to board games or those who want to break into the industry and see behind the scenes. The event runs until Saturday 9th April and tickets are available here and a 20% student discount is also available.

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