Whoopi Goldberg | Whoopi Goldberg will read the script for Sister Act 3 this month

Whoopi Goldberg will read the script for “Sister Act 3” very soon.

The 66-year-old actress is set to reprise her role as Delores – who became Sister Mary Clarence when she entered witness protection in the original 1992 classic – in the upcoming sequel written by Tyler Perry, and things are moving forward at a steady pace. .

Speaking to Collider, she revealed that she was “expecting a script at the end of the month”.

Although she didn’t give further details, all signs point to a script being completed within the next few weeks.

Her comments come after she recently claimed that Disney was “long lukewarm” about making ‘Sister Act’ a trilogy, with the studio apparently claiming “no one wanted to see it” before Perry joined. crew.

She explained: “They were kind of lukewarm for a really long time. [about making the movie], they said no one wanted to see it, and then Tyler came in and said, “I want to see it.” The next thing I knew was that we were gone. This is the power of TP.

She made the comments while Perry was a guest on “The View” last month, and he gave his own promising update on the film.

He added: “I love the idea of ​​us making this happen, but you know the Hollywood system is moving a little slower than I would like.

“So we have a good script. We are off to a good start. We’re just trying to get everyone moving in the right direction so we can get things done.

Meanwhile, Whoopi is keen to work with Jenifer Lewis – who played Michelle in the original film – again on the follow-up.

She previously said, “You know we’re still going to make this movie. And I would do anything I can to work with her because she’s fun.”

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