YouTube announces the return of THE CREATOR GAMES series

After two successful previous tournaments, “The Creator Games Presented by MrBeast” is back for a third round of tournament-style competition featuring YouTube’s biggest stars.

MrBeast, the mastermind behind “The Creator Games,” returns to host the latest episode of the record-breaking YouTube Originals series, which features 15 star YouTube creators competing in a series of challenges for a $1 million cash prize at give to fans. The two-part series, which will debut for free on December 16 and 18 on MrBeast’s YouTube channel, will also feature guest appearances by famed talk show host DR. PHIL and Olympian Kenny Bednarek.

With a massive fanbase of over 84 million followers, MrBeast leads the action as “The Creator Games” competition takes over Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium. The first round of the tournament, which kicks off on December 16, will feature new fan-favorite YouTube creators including Airrack, Bella Poarch, Larray, Lexi Rivera, Logan Paul, Mark Rober, Matpat, Pierson, Preston, Quackity, Rosanna . Pansino, Ryan Trahan, Sofie Dossi, Zach KING and ZHC. The 10 winners of the first-round challenges will move on to an extreme hide-and-seek challenge as part of the series’ second part on December 18, with THE LAST ONE found claiming the $1 million reward.

Watch “The Creator Games 3 Presented by MrBeast” on December 16 at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT on the MrBeast YouTube channel

Challenges featured in the latest episode of “Designer Games Presented by MrBeast” include a tag with Kenny Bednarek, a hidden prize hunt, a target challenge with mini designer dolls, and more. DR. PHIL also appears to be holding a special talent contest, declaring the winner after the creators showcase their unique and interesting skills. The rivalry between the creators escalates as it leads to the ultimate final challenge, a game of hide-and-seek that lasts for hours in the massive SoFi stadium.

The final season follows two very successful series from “The Creator Games”, a series originally created by MrBeast and Reed Duchscher, CEO of Night Media. The first tournament debuted as one of the most-watched YouTube Originals live events. The winners of the second tournament, Charli & Dixie D’Amelio, took home $300,000 and passed the winnings on to their subscribers. The second round also featured top YouTube creators such as KSI, Swoozie, Kwebblekop, Safiya Nygaard, Marques Brownlee, and Alex Warren, among others.

“The Creator Games 3 Presented by MrBeast” is produced by Night Media and Fly On THE WALL Entertainment, including executive producers Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan and Ian Mallahan, and executive producing Jeff Anderson.

Susanne Daniels is Global Head of Original Content for YouTube. Alex Piper, Head of Unscripted for YouTube Originals, and Cara Casey and Ryan Bratton, Development Leads for YouTube Originals, are overseeing “The Creator Games 3” for the global platform.

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