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The holiday season is full of family, friends and fun. However, this year our gatherings could eventually take place on Zoom. If your family is like mine, we usually celebrate our time together by playing heaps of card games, but face-to-face games won’t be possible for us this year. Even if you get together virtually, there is still a lot of fun playing virtual theater games. I have compiled five different games that work great on Zoom.

1. Among Us: A Story-Based Game

This game is sometimes made up of more violent titles, but since the release of Among Us, I have called it that. “Among Us” is the most fun when performed with a large group. First of all, a narrator must be chosen. Once the narrator has been chosen, everyone must turn off their cameras and microphones. The narrator will then secretly select an impostor by sending a direct message to a participant. The impostor will message the narrator with the name of the individual he would like to “end”. Once this has happened, the narrator will tell everyone to turn on their cameras. The narrator should tell the group that was “done” and lead a group discussion. Participants must accuse each other of being the impostor, and the accused must make up excuses as to why they are not the impostor. Eventually, the narrator should call for a vote on who the impostor is. Whoever gets the most votes is voted off the ship. The game continues until the impostor is rejected or the impostor “ends” all but two participants.

2. Mind Meld: a team building game

The goal of this game is for the whole group to work together to match two random words to the same thing. Mind Meld can be played with as few as two people, but there is no limit on the number of participants. First, the leader will select two participants for the first round. When the leader says “Go”, both participants type the word that comes to their mind into the chat. Then two new participants will be selected. This time, after the leader says “Go”, both participants will type a word in the chat that connects the two previous words. For example, if “taco” and “pizza” were selected words, the word “food” could tie them together. The game continues until two participants type the same word into the chat. When a “Mind Meld” happens, everyone can celebrate.

3. Press conference: a guessing game

The object of this game is to help the “guesser” find out who he is, who he is with and why he is holding a press conference. In order to help the guesser, everyone will ask questions to guide the guesser to the answer. First, the guesser should be placed in the waiting room while the group decides who the guesser is, who they’re with, and why they’re holding a press conference. An example of a prompt would be Mickey mouse (guesser identity) and Barbie (who the guesser is with) broke the world record for most donuts eaten in one minute (why guesser is holding a press conference). Once the decision is made, the guesser is returned to the Zoom room and asked group-led questions to guess each game, starting with the guesser’s identity. Sample questions for Mickey mouse as an identity could be: “Do your big ears help you hear?” “” Is it difficult to take care of Disney World? “How is Pluto?” The trick with the questions is to help the guesser without giving the full answer.

4. That’s it Bob: an improvisation game

This game begins when everyone types in their name in the chat to establish a speaking order for the game. Then the first person listed will start a false report by saying “Hello, Bob …” and saying just one. phrasing. The more absurd the statement, the more fun the game. The next person in sequence will start with “That’s right, Bob …”, repeat the previous statement and add their own sentence to the story. Participants will only repeat the statement before theirs, then add theirs. The story can go on until someone says, “That’s it for now, Bob.”

5. Zip Zap Zop: a game of concentration

“Zip Zap Zop” is one of the most popular theater games and can become very competitive among theater kids. The game requires concentration. Participants circulate the energy by first declaring “Zip”, “Zap” or “Zop” in that order, then another player’s name. For example, Benjamin starts with “Zip, Allie”, Allie says, “Zap, Josefina”, and Josefina says “Zop Spencer”. If someone hesitates, stumbles, or says the wrong word, then they are eliminated. The game continues until there is only one player left.

Hope these virtual theater games can bring joy to your Zoom holiday gatherings. Happy Holidays!


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